Are TikTok influencers’ travel ‘hacks’ really worth the time? – The National


As you may know !

TRAVELLING further than the front door seems adventurous these days.

Nevertheless, a Tiktok influencer (two words that have slipped under the lexicon radar to become common parlance in these strange times) has seen fit to share her top tips on dodging the draconian rules of budget airline luggage.

Kristen Black claims she’s found the perfect packing strategy for getting extra luggage on a flight and shared a video on social media to prove it.

She first laid a large jumper on the floor and placed a few items of clothing on top of it. Then she rolled the jumper into a tube shape, with the extra clothes tucked inside. She then used the sleeves to tie the jumper around her neck, pretending it was a “neck pillow”. Her final piece of advice was to balance a souvenir she had just bought in the airport on her head, and then put a hat on top to keep it in place.

The video has been watched more than nine million times and has been hugely popular with people keen to acquire a travel hack.

That last word is courtesy of The Sun. I know I’m getting on in years when I’m forced to consult the Urban Dictionary to learn a new meaning for an old word.

There I’m told this is “a clever or elegant technical accomplishment, especially one with a playful or prankish bent. A clever routine in a computer program, especially one which uses tools for purposes other than those for which they were intended, might be considered a hack. Students at technical universities, such as MIT, are famous for performing elaborate hacks, such as disassembling the dean’s car and then reassembling it inside his house, or turning a 14-story building into a giant Tetris game by placing computer-controlled lighting panels in its windows.”

This makes hiding a souvenir under your bunnet seem like child’s play. But I won’t argue with the enthusiasm of nine million Tiktok users.

The Metro was also impressed and went to the trouble of asking flight attendants and cabin crew to share their tips for making the most of every centimetre of space in your luggage.

Daisy White was cabin crew for 12 years. She explained that crew always have to lug their own cases around, so she they always try to pack light.

“Roll up a pair of socks with two pairs of knickers inside each pair,” she suggests.

“Try to pack minimal shoes,” she adds. “Flip flops cute enough to double as evening shoes, trainers which double as gym shoes and sightseeing shoes.”

This is a woman after my own heart. We used to do three weeks’ holiday on hand luggage to the incredulity of many. (I should point out that we had laundry facilities available and were not total mingers.)

And, of course, it was France. The weather was either hot and sunny, or very hot and sunny. Shorts and T-shirts do not take up much space.

Staycations are another matter entirely, when packing requires planning for every season, often in one summer’s day.

Now there’s a Tiktok challenge …

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